This is a blog

This is a blog. People who know me know that I am historically terrible at maintaining a blog. I don’t post enough. But I’ve been experimenting with consistency online, and I seem to be doing pretty good at it, and I think I have some actual things to say this time around. So we’ll give it a go.

I want to divide this blog into three sections; the first section would be the Wanderings. Being that I am a travel student (for the time being) the plan is to do a lot of traveling. The Wanderings posts are my travel blogs.

The second section is the Meanderings. These posts would be just random thoughts, or things that I think are awesome, or things that just go through my head and I think you should know about.

The third section takes a little bit more explaining. I have a project that I’ve been trying to put into video blog format in various ways that just wasn’t working. I’m just not a vlogger. I love YouTube, but I can’t vlog. It’s not the being in front of the camera thing, it’s the editing and waiting for things to upload thing. I just don’t have the patience for it. This project was originally going to be a way for me to learn songs on my ukulele, but the songs that I wanted to learn are not quite in my beginner’s range yet, so that didn’t quite work. The project is called Songs and Reasons Why. Many people know that I love music. It’s something that always surrounds me, and lately I’ve been getting into music that not everyone has heard of. I wanted a way to share this music with people, and also share bits of my life with them, and why this music means so much to me. So the third section would be Songs and Reasons Why.


About Lananification

I'm a twenty-something Canadian trying to figure out what it means to be an "adult". I've recently moved to England to try to be an adult in a different country. It is just as hard. My Wanderings are travel blogs; sometimes I travel, and lots of times I write about it. My Meanderings are thoughts from this crazy, random head of mine. Songs and Reasons Why happens when I pick a song that means a lot to me, and tell you why, and then let you listen to it. In 2013 I wrote a blog every day for the whole year, minus a couple. Check those out in the BEDAY tag if you want.
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