BEDAY 2 – 2012: A Retrospective in Tweets

Hello lovely people, today is January second, and therefore the second day of BEDAY, where I blog every day all year.

I thought it would be a fun idea to look back on 2012. It was a great year for me; filled with more ups than downs and a ton of awesome people, and since my life is online anyway through my social media channels, I thought what better way to look back than through Twitter? I started out writing this with tweets that told the story of the year, but it got super boring super fast because I wasn’t including the ones that made me laugh. So I’m doing it differently. These are the highlights of last year, not that boring “I’m leaving on this trip now” crap.

January started out with a trip to New York, in which this happened;

January 7th – “Had a super fun time in New York City! We did not meet Darren Criss. But we saw him being crowded by fangirls. And we talked to his friend”

I also tried to keep a webcomic going, with mediocre success until for some reason I gave up. I also confirmed my internship at Flight Centre at the very last minute possible, waited somewhat patiently for the release of The Fault In Our Stars, and did a lot of hanging out with some of my favourite people. Like this one;

January 28th – “While waiting for our bill; Me: “Are we invisible?” @Taryn_C: “Take off your top.””

February was the end of classes at Humber, and though we still had Portugal, and our internships to finish, the last all-nighter to finish our last project involved this tweet;

February 13th – “Things @ShleeSimm says at 5am: “I love compound words, and the British””

The end of February, was of course my trip to Portugal, which was amazing and life changing and so much fun, but I didn’t tweet much because I was in Europe. Duh. I also watched a lot of TV and tweeted about it a lot. I also had Blitzen Trapper interject in a twitter conversation about them, got mad about the fact that no one knew who Paul McCartney was, and got ready for my Portugal trip by tweeting about coins.

February 18th  – “I just realized my last three tweets were about coins. I really am a nerd, aren’t I?”

March was the beginning of my internship at Flight Centre, which resulted in the birth of the hashtag #communternoob, and tweets like this one;

March 5th – “The conductor of this train just randomly put on a British accent for no reason… #iwouldtoo”

and this

March 9th – “Dear couple sitting across from me: Do Not start making out. I don’t care how many times your boyfriend strokes your face, it’s not worth it”

and this

March 15th – “I think everyone’s goal in life should be to be a person who is not unbearable to sit beside on a bus. The world would be a better place.”

March was also when I started blogging for serious on here, and even had a few blogs up on the Flight Centre website! I tweeted A LOT this month. About travel, and travel dreams, and travel events, and travel movies, and football (the real kind not the american kind) and the Hunger Games and books and silly comics and YouTube and great music. March was a good month.

April was a lot of the same. I was really hitting my stride at Flight Centre, learning to love the people and the atmosphere there, still being able to see my fantastic friends, and genuinely loving life. I also started the BEDA (Blog Every Day in April) project, I discovered amazing new music, and I watched all three seasons of Veronica Mars in like three weeks.

April 15th – “*sings* A long time ago/we used to be friends/but I/haven’t thought of you lately at all… Veronica Mars makes me feel better”

After April I was pretty bummed about not being at Flight Centre anymore. Things were ending and I hate endings. I tweeted a lot about work, and TV shows, and how much I missed people, but as the weather started brightening up and summer came in I started to get a little happier. Then I missed my Victoria Day weekend away with my family which ultimately lead to my first solo backpacking trip to Chicago. I had a super fun time doing touristy things and also people watching (and listening)

May 25th – “Overheard in hostel lobby: “Some guy on the street asked me ‘Pirates or Ninjas’ is that some kind of new pickup term?””

June was summer bliss. I watched all of Firefly and Game of Thrones, I started jogging, got a lot of pool side reading done, and the Euro Cup brought the lovely soccer fans together. Of course then Holland got kicked out and I got mad.

June 17th – Oh good, Harry Potter is on. Maybe this will cheer me up. Quidditch is a better sport than soccer anyway. #suchalie

July was the month of music. Started with Train, by accident, because I booked to see their opener Justin Nozuka, and fell in love with them. Then the fabulous Watsky, which changed my life, and the Olympics of Awesome tour with Carolyn, which started some sort of YouTube concert tradition between the two of us. This was also the month in which I got my brother to start watching Doctor Who, and I started watching Buffy, while my brother commented on it while not really knowing what was going on. I also got to spend a lot more time with my mom while she was off school for the summer, and as it turns out she’s hilarious.

July 29th – “Waiting for dad to make lunch. Me – “I’m hungry” Mom – “Harry, your daughter is going to die.””

August was more summer fun, and more realizations of how awesome my family is.

August 18th – “Me – Y’know I try really hard to hate Nicki Minaj… Bro – But it’s so hard, right?! #mybro #heisthebest”

August 25th – “Me- mommy don’t die, okay? Mom- I don’t plan on it. #mymomisthebest”

In September I got hooked on British panel quiz shows and surrealist comedy. Because Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade. It was also the month for art, which involved the first time I went out for Nuit Blanche and spent some time with awesome YouTube people. And met Mike Falzone.

September 22nd – “I wanted some chips but I didn’t have any do instead I am eating a pickle and some cheese”

October was the month of the hipster. The Mountain Goats concert, plus Blitzen Trapper in one week. Plus I watched way too much British tv and it started to reflect.

October 17th – “You know what word I wish people used more often? Jiggery-pokery. That’s a fucking fantastic word. #jiggerypokery”

In November I went back to Flight Centre for one day. It made me super happy to be back and then super sad to not be there anymore. I tweeted about work and suffered through the rest of the month until we left for Florida.

November 25th – “You know how Arthur Dent could never get the hang of Thursdays? I really never could get the hang of Sundays.”

And then came December. And Christmas and snow and wonderful people.

December 6th – “Someone please come over and make me cocoa and feed me christmas cookies and sit by the fire and give me cuddles #christmas #what”

This year felt like a lot of waiting for things to start, but it was amazing. I learned and grew and tried so many new things. Here’s to more of it next year.


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I'm a twenty-something Canadian trying to figure out what it means to be an "adult". I've recently moved to England to try to be an adult in a different country. It is just as hard. My Wanderings are travel blogs; sometimes I travel, and lots of times I write about it. My Meanderings are thoughts from this crazy, random head of mine. Songs and Reasons Why happens when I pick a song that means a lot to me, and tell you why, and then let you listen to it. In 2013 I wrote a blog every day for the whole year, minus a couple. Check those out in the BEDAY tag if you want.
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