BEDAY 27 – I Can’t Stop Playing Temple Run

This weekend I worked the morning shift at work, rather than the evening shift which ends at 11. Usually when I have evenings off during the weekend I try to fill them up with seeing friends and doing fun stuff so I don’t feel like a dolt. This weekend though, I didn’t do that. This weekend when I was done work I sat at home and watched the entire first season of Community while playing Temple Run 2.

Here’s the thing about iPhone games; they are crazy addictive. I don’t get hooked on them though until I find a really really good one. Angry Birds? I suck at it; only lasts me a week until I get bored. But the first Temple Run game lasted me the entire month of April until I got all the achievements. That was my first iPhone game addiction. Temple Run 2 is more of the same except now you get to swing on ropes and ride in mine carts and the glitches are hella hilarious. (I know I can’t get away with saying hella, I do it anyway, whatever.)

And it’s not like this is the first time that’s happened. Oh, I have had many an iPhone game addiction, let me tell you. I played every level of Where’s My Water including the Phineas and Ferb version. Tangled lasted a long time too, until it got too hard for me to continue. The most powerful addiction so far though has been Flow. I spent extra dollars on that game just to get more levels, and when the sequel came out I couldn’t help but buy it. I got so addicted to that game it was nary impossible to pry me away from my phone.

So I’ll be attached to my phone for another few weeks at least until I beat Temple Run 2.

Tell me your favourite addicting iPhone games! I want to know!


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One Response to BEDAY 27 – I Can’t Stop Playing Temple Run

  1. Sal says:

    I go through phases. It was Fruit Ninja for the better part of last year, and Angry Birds off and on (I cheat and use walkthroughs on Youtube- though I discovered that for some reason the iPhone version is much easier than Android. Hmmm…). I was addicted to Coin Dozer, though that gets boring really easily. And Horse Frenzy. At the moment? Nothing.

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