Franco Can Do No Wrong :: Beday 78

I have been holding this one back for quite a while, I even drafted a few versions of this blog before deciding against it, but I just saw Oz the Great and Powerful, so it is now. The time has come for me to wax poetic about James Franco.

I’ve loved James Franco since I saw him in Freaks and Geeks (which, admittedly, was after Freaks and Geeks had not been on tv for quite a while.) Franco was, of course, supposed to be dreamy in that show, an he was, but I just love the way he played that character. At first it was a stereotype, but by the end of the season you have a real sympathy for Daniel. He really plays the flawed hero very well, and that’s what made me begin to love him.

Franco’s gained a reputation in Hollywood for being a bit of a weirdo. And he is a weirdo, but that’s kind of why I love him. He just seems to kind of do whatever he wants, he takes the roles he thinks will be fun or challenging and then he rocks the hell out of them. He has fun doing a spot on General Hospital? Bam, he’s a regular. He wants to do a movie all about weed? Bam, hooked up with Freaks and Geeks pal Seth Rogan. He just doesn’t seem to care if people think he’s weird.

If you follow him on WhoSay (which is like twitter, but only for famous people) he has ridiculous pictures and videos that out of context really don’t make any sense. But they are funny to him, I think, and that’s why he shares them. He doesn’t seem to be affected by fame, he just does whatever he wants.

Overall though, I think Franco is secretly a really good actor. Beyond the public eye and aside from what people think of him, he really gets into his roles and delivers them well. Whether it’s a cheesy soap opera villain or a guy who has to cut off his own arm.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just biased.



(I’m totally biased.)


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