Watsky Revisited :: Beday 95

Tonight I got to relive one of the greatest concert experiences of my life. It was amazing, just enough of the same while still being different and more exciting.

This time I had a companion, someone to chant with and sing along with and make funny faces with. It’s a different experience going to a concert alone, and I enjoyed it the first time, but it’s always fun to share amazing experiences with people you care about.

Once again I missed out on meeting Watsky, this time because there was way too large of a crowd for him to make an appearance (there would be mayhem, seriously). I’m not disappointed though. I missed meeting George the first time, but I’m happy he’s gaining an audience, I’m happy he can make it to #1 on the iTunes hip hop charts without a label, and I’m happy he can sell out a venue twice the size of the one he didn’t fill last year. It makes me proud to be his fan.


About Lananification

I'm a twenty-something Canadian trying to figure out what it means to be an "adult". I've recently moved to England to try to be an adult in a different country. It is just as hard. My Wanderings are travel blogs; sometimes I travel, and lots of times I write about it. My Meanderings are thoughts from this crazy, random head of mine. Songs and Reasons Why happens when I pick a song that means a lot to me, and tell you why, and then let you listen to it. In 2013 I wrote a blog every day for the whole year, minus a couple. Check those out in the BEDAY tag if you want.
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