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Okay, so fair warning to me non-nerd audience, I am going to be writing a bout nerdy stuff today. So if you don’t watch or don’t care about Doctor Who, you probably won’t understand much of this blog post. But feel free to read it anyway, I mean you can make up your own meaning if you want. Needless to say this will include spoilers from the new series, so if you haven’t caught up I wouldn’t recommend reading.

The other day it was announced that Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who after the Christmas special and the internet immediately exploded into tears. Tumblr especially was very upset. I expressed some feelings of not really being that sad, and got some confused responses, so I thought I’d share some general Doctor Who Thoughts that I have, and why I’m ready for the Doctor to regenerate.

I need to start off by saying that I really do like Matt Smith. I think he’s a great Doctor, I think he really gets the role, and I haven’t ever been sad about or disappointed with the way he portrayed the Doctor, not once. I think when I say that I’m ready for the Doctor to regenerate, what I am really saying is that I am ready for some drastic changes around Doctor Who.

My problems really started with Season 6. That season I found was especially disappointing in the explanation of River Song (in my mind, River was never a thing that needed to be explained. She popped in every once in a while, they were going backwards, etc.  etc. but some things in Doctor Who are meant to remain mysteries. They are supposed to keep you guessing but never give you the answer. Like the Doctor’s name. If they reveal it, I will be really really mad.) The conclusion to the Doctor’s death also seemed pretty out-of-thin-air to me, like Moffatt had painted himself into a corner and wasn’t really sure where to go from there. So I wasn’t crazy about Season 6, but it did have really great moments. Neil Gaiman’s episode was fantastic, the Minotaur episode was definitely a highlight, and I thought it ended well. I thought it was a really great way to say goodbye to the Ponds, which is why I was really tired of them when they stayed on through half of Season 7.

By the time Season 7 came about I was done with the Ponds and I wanted them to just go away. I was looking forward to the new companion, and starting to think that maybe Eleven had had enough seasons and was getting a little too sad to stay interesting. When they introduced Clara I liked her a lot, she’s kicky and fun, but I think the whole “Impossible Girl” thing is going in the entirely wrong direction. I feel like the really great thing about Rose and Martha and Donna as companions was that they were really just ordinary people. And not just that, they thought of themselves as ordinary. It took the Doctor to bring out that spark in them, the desire for adventure, or courage, or strength, whatever it was. (Which is why Donna’s goodbye is so devastating to me; the fact that she became the same person who thinks so little of herself just absolutely kills me.) I don’t think there needs to be a mystery to solve. Doctor Who doesn’t need a hook because the Doctor is the hook. 

With the disappointment of Clara being this huge mystery that needs to be figured out, and River Song still hanging around with her stupid plot line, I am just ready for things to change. I want to get back to the days when the Doctor helped, when he was amazed by things and instead of being selfish and hiding, went out to seek anything and everything.

So, I guess I’m hoping that with the introduction of a new Doctor, it will become a New Era in Doctor Who. I want to stress though, that even though there are things that I nitpick about the show I still really do love it. It’s still one of my favourite shows, it keeps me coming back week to week and I’m certainly not ready to give up on it, not by a long shot. I think it just needs a little bit of re-focusing, and I’m hoping a new Doctor can help with that.



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  1. Sal says:

    I’ve been hearing the new Doctor may be a woman.

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