Just Thoughts :: Beday 156

For those of you who are wondering, I haven’t read much further in Gatsby. Mostly because I find it kind of exhausting and I hate every character in it. But I did alphabetize my bookshelf, so I’m sure that counts as a literary pursuit. I might just go see the movie and read the book later. I’ve been spoiled for the ending anyway.

Sometimes I just have days where I don’t have any thoughts in my head. I mean, I’m thinking about things, just not things that are interesting.

Tonight I am thinking about;

– Better Off Ted and whether Ted and Linda will be together by the end of season 2

– Whether I should be rationing the amount of Better Off Ted that I am watching because after season 2 there’s no more.

– If I should get some food after work because I’m super hungry

– What kind of food I should get after work

– What I should pack for my rafting weekend in Ottawa coming up

– How do I cancel my gym membership?

– Should toonies really be called “berries” as an american guest suggests, because they have bears on them?


Another thing I was thinking was “can I get this blog done before it’s time for me to leave work?” to which the obvious answer was “no.”


About Lananification

I'm a twenty-something Canadian trying to figure out what it means to be an "adult". I've recently moved to England to try to be an adult in a different country. It is just as hard. My Wanderings are travel blogs; sometimes I travel, and lots of times I write about it. My Meanderings are thoughts from this crazy, random head of mine. Songs and Reasons Why happens when I pick a song that means a lot to me, and tell you why, and then let you listen to it. In 2013 I wrote a blog every day for the whole year, minus a couple. Check those out in the BEDAY tag if you want.
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