So There’s A New Doctor :: Beday 216

Back when they announced that Matt Smith was leaving Doctor Who I wrote this post about how I was kind of looking forward to the change, and how there are certain aspects about Steven Moffat-run Who that I don’t quite love. And so they have announced who will play the Twelfth Doctor today. I was kind of disappointed to find out so far ahead of time; I wanted to be surprised, to find out right when that bright light of regeneration fades. But of course Tumblr was in a tizzy, and I really have no faith that I could have avoided spoilers until November, even with Tumblr Saviour. So now I know.

If you do not know, and you do not want to know, who the next Doctor will be, STOP READING NOW.

I liked Matt Smith, I really did. I think he made a fantastic mad man with a box, but I also think he hung around a bit too long. I’m glad we’ve got a new Doctor coming along, I’m excited to see what will happen to bring about the regeneration, and I think that Peter Capaldi is a great choice.

I was hoping, like many, for a person of colour to play the Doctor this time around, because we’ve had British White Men playing the doctor for fifty years and it would be nice to have a change, but I think overall they did a good job. I haven’t seen The Fires of Pompeii in a while, but I remember liking it, and I don’t remember hating Capaldi in any essence so that’s good. I’m not worried about the fact that Capaldi was in Doctor Who and Torchwood, because the BBC reuses actors all the time, I mean they really only have like twelve, and they’ve done it before with Colin Baker.

I’m glad they’ve added a little maturity to the Doctor this time around. With a younger actor you’ve got the fans going “The Doctor is in love with/meant to be with/should kiss [insert whatever character]” and I find with an older actor you don’t get that as much. Though Peter Capaldi is very charming so I’m sure it won’t be avoidable altogether. I’m looking forward to seeing how the relationship with his companions will change with an older actor.

I say companions, with an s, because I’m really also hoping for a companion change pretty soon as well. I like Clara just fine, but we need someone who isn’t constantly labelled by the show as being special. We need to get back to companions like Rose, Martha, and Donna, who find their specialness thanks to the Doctor, rather than having in thrust upon them, so to speak.

I hope Steven Moffat listens to his fans. Hears the outcry of unrest that’s going on right now and fixes it.

I hope River Song goes away forever.


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