Pretending to Be Single – Guest Blog :: Beday 229

So I am at a wedding today and my fabulous friend Amanda has offered to guest blog today! It’s the prefect subject for a day celebrating love. So I’ll leave it to her.


It’s a Friday night. I am sitting at home alone pretending to be single. Yes you read that right. I sent my lover {insert giggle here} out with the boys because after a crazy week I simply wanted to lay at home, make up free and not have to fight over the remote control.
Sometimes I envy the lives of the unattached and as I lay here thinking that the question of being ‘properly in love’ is once again posed to a celebrity on CNN.

Let me back track…Have you ever been home alone on a week night and found yourself glued to the sexy British voice of Piers Morgan on CNN?
Just me eh?

Anyway, his made for radio appearance ensures I listen for the entire hour while visually glued to Pinterest. I am woman – I can multitask. The one question he religiously asks his celebrity guests is always the one that get me. I hold my breath waiting for the answer of each different guest. “How many times have you been properly in love?” I am not sure what Mr. Morgan defines as ‘properly in love’ but it does get me thinking every time.

Is there truly just one person for everyone? Is there a soul mate out there we are all searching for? Someone only some of us are lucky enough to find? Does that Disney princess, chick flick, heart wrenching Notebook love actually exist? Or are there different loves for different times in our lives… And each of these loves serves a purpose to shape us into our most true selves?

If I were being honest I would tell you that I have been properly in love twice. Both men broke my heart but only one stayed to help me put it back together. There is only one man in my life that I will happily change the radio station for or share the TV remote with (just not tonight).

Looking back over my almost 30 years I would say that I experienced what I thought was love numerous times but turned out to be a lot of spark with very little staying power. Lust perhaps? Or on one occasion simply a bad habit.

So as this week comes to a close I ask you…Have you ever been properly in love?!


Amanda has a blog over on blogspot, which I think is just fantastic. You should check it out.


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2 Responses to Pretending to Be Single – Guest Blog :: Beday 229

  1. Elisha says:

    Still am properly in love with my hubby.

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