One Whole Year :: Beday 365

It’s been a year. One whole year since I decided to write every day. It’s almost unfathomable for me.

One year ago I was hanging onto the past. I refused to believe that a year had gone by since I finished school and I still didn’t have the career I had expected to just run into purely by accident. I missed Flight Centre and was still holding on to every hope that I would get to work there for real. I was terrified of the future, and so I let things drift by me thinking that everything would work out for itself if I left it alone.

Now, I’m taking the future and telling it to go by my rules. I’m following through on a dream that I’ve had for over five years and never thought I would have the guts to follow through on. I’m twenty four and terrified of everything but doing it anyway. I’m stronger (mentally, physically I am fatter and slower but that comes with age so not complaining), and happier, possibly more well-adjusted than last year.

I can’t believe I succeeded in this crazy, ridiculous, completely impossible goal of mine. One blog every day for one whole year. Even with the two grace days per month (which I am so insanely grateful for as they kept me from losing my mind) that’s three hundred and forty one blogs in one year.

I’ve blogged through anxiety, through stress, through death, and heartbreak, through four different seasons, and twelve months of internet things, through all the good times, the music, the memories, the travel, the best summer ever, and the best friends ever.

This year may have turned out exactly the same if I hadn’t blogged through it, but I don’t think I could have coped with it as well as I have, and I certainly wouldn’t have as grand a reminder of all the wonderful things that have happened. I am so so thankful to every one of you who have read along with my year. Thank you for commenting, and for considering commenting, and for mentioning my blog in conversation. Thank you to all the internet people who I’ve never met but are still here reading, I think you’re all fascinating and hope to meet you in real life one day. Thanks to my friends who coped with my interrupting nights of fun to write a blog on my phone, and thanks to my family who constantly copes with my leaving my laptop in inconvenient places all over the house.

I’m going to continue to blog next year, of course. (Not every day, I am not that crazy.) Next year will be different, and exciting, and scary, and I am so so so looking forward to it.


About Lananification

I'm a twenty-something Canadian trying to figure out what it means to be an "adult". I've recently moved to England to try to be an adult in a different country. It is just as hard. My Wanderings are travel blogs; sometimes I travel, and lots of times I write about it. My Meanderings are thoughts from this crazy, random head of mine. Songs and Reasons Why happens when I pick a song that means a lot to me, and tell you why, and then let you listen to it. In 2013 I wrote a blog every day for the whole year, minus a couple. Check those out in the BEDAY tag if you want.
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3 Responses to One Whole Year :: Beday 365

  1. Shleesimm says:

    I can’t believe it’s been a year already since you started your crazy blog idea! Holy crazy achievement, batman! You did so amazing, I NEVER could have done this. So proud.

  2. Mommo says:

    I will miss your daily blogs….just a time to chat with Hannah even I am not really doing si

  3. zbethany says:

    Congrats on completing your goal! You are awesome and can do whatever you put your mind to. Do you think you have improved your writing skills and everything you hoped?

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