UK Journey Days 5&6 – Glasgow

By the time I got to Glasgow it was evening, right in the time after dinner has finished but before the city wakes up to party on Saturday nights. I was sharing in the in-between state of the city. My brain telling me that it was still early, my body telling my I was exhausted and I should just go find my hostel. I let my body win the argument and hopped on a bus to the west end of Glasgow and my cozy hostel.

The thing about backpacking alone, is that despite how good you think you are at being alone with your own thoughts, it really can get lonely if you don’t open up and learn to talk to strangers. When I checked into my hostel I met another fellow Canadian (I’m telling you, we’re everywhere), and he and I decided to grab a pint, just because it was Saturday. We returned to the hostel early, but it was enough to talk to a fellow traveller to rejuvenate my eagerness to see the city.

In the morning I went out with the intention of finding a full Scottish breakfast, but I chickened out mainly because it was just so much food and black pudding scares me a little bit, and I ordered something else instead. I enjoyed my leisurely breakfast, taking my time to enjoy my tea and finally headed out to explore Glasgow’s west end. The day was mostly composed of walking and reading. While on my walk I picked up a book for £1 from a charity shop, and finished it before I left Glasgow. I walked to and around the Botanic Gardens, around the shopping district, through Kelvingrove Park, and around Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. I walked in the art gallery at just the right time, it seemed, as an orchestra had just begun to play. I had a beautiful soundtrack to my museum visit and a great vantage point from the top balcony. (I’ll attempt to attach the video from my phone at the end of the blog if I can.)

I finished at the Art gallery, went to have some dinner, and then headed back to my hostel, where I spent the evening hanging out in the common room, making conversation and playing cards with my fellow hostel dwellers.

The next morning I woke early, knowing I was feeling the strain of the last few days, and really wanting to take it easy that day. Rather than staying in bed, I decided to take a city bus tour in favour of walking or figuring out public transport in the generally spread-out city of Glasgow. I tend to like to explore things on my own, to figure out where the good places are and get lost among them, but I’m certain I made the right decision on this one. I got to see the highlights of the city from a warm and comfortable bus, and get off when I decided I wanted to see something in more detail.

I spent some time in Glasgow Cathedral and walked around the Necropolis, where I wrote a poem. I don’t think it’s any good, but here it is;

I ponder on the times we spent
How much to me you once had meant
And how I left with no regard
For those who said “do not depart”
And here alone I cannot say
If I feel you with me here today
Though I cannot guess now where you went
I cherish all the times we spent

I dunno. Graveyards always make me emo.

After that experience my next stop off my tour bus was Buchanan Street. My Canadian friend had spoken wonders about it but I wasn’t blown away. I can’t much tell one shopping district from another. I did however treat myself to afternoon tea at the willow tea rooms, designed by Charles Mackintosh. I walked around the museum of modern art for a while until I decided I was tired, and went back to my hostel.

After a rest, I decided I did want to waste my last night in Glasgow, and so I booked a ticket to see a comedy show supporting Motor Neuron Disease research. Several Scottish comedians (and a very punny Canadian) were part of the show including Frankie Boyle, Gary Little, Janey Godley, and Patrick Monahan. The show was great, but what more can you say about a good time?

My original plan was to spend a third day in Glasgow, and head to Edinburgh in the evening but I felt that I’d seen what I wanted to see in Glasgow, and I was itching to get to Edinburgh, so I booked an earlier train and headed there this morning. Which is where I am now.

Playlists are below, and hopefully I’ll be able to get some pictures and maybe even a video up today!

Day 5 Playlist

  • We Shall Not Overcome – Frank Turner
  • I’m Yours – Joel Plaskett Emergency
  • The Fisher King Blues – Frank Turner
  • This Time Tomorrow – The Kinks
  • Hey Soul Sister – Train
  • Where Do You Go To (My Lovely) – Pater Sarstedt
  • Roll Away Your Stone – Mumford and Sons
  • When I Am King – Great Big Sea

Day 6 Playlist

  • Colour In Your Cheeks – The Mountain Goats
  • Jefferson Airplane – Relient K (Anatomy Version)
  • All My Only Dreams – The Wonders (That Thing You Do!)
  • Hopeless Wanderer – Mumford and Sons
  • I Am Disappeared – Frank Turner
  • Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright – Bob Dylan (yes again)
  • Blues in Dallas – The Mountain Goats

Walking through Kelvingrove Park on my way to the art gallery

Hanging out in the jungle! (Glasgow Botanic Gardens)

The strangely cheerful Glasgow Necropolis


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